Job Posting: Postdocs for the European Research Council Synergy Project, 4-OCEANS

Job Posting: Postdocs for the European Research Council Synergy Project, 4-OCEANS

Deadline to Apply: 12:00PM Irish Standard Time; 10/15/2022

The aim of 4-OCEANS is to undertake a global assessment of the importance of marine life to human societies across the past two millennia, with a particular focus on understanding the consequences of marine resource exploitation for societal development and how selected socio-economic, cultural, and environmental forces limited as well as enabled marine exploitation.

To achieve the first-ever global assessment of the role of marine life in societal development, the project is assembling a unique pool of interdisciplinary expertise in marine environmental history, climate history, natural history, geography, historical ecology, palaeoecology, environmental anthropology, environmental archaeology, and zooarchaeology.

You will be based in the Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities(, Trinity College Dublin, and will work with project PIs Poul Holm and/or Francis Ludlow and their teams.

You will also collaborate with the wider project teams of PIs Cristina Brito (NOVA, Lisbon) and James Barrett (NTNU, Norway) and Project Partners Michael Puma (Columbia University) and Allegra LeGrande (NASA GISS).

These posts are funded by a European Research Council Synergy Grant (no. 951649) for the 4-OCEANS project, “Human History of Marine Life: Extraction, Knowledge, Drivers & Consumption of Marine Resources, c.100 BCE to c.1860 CE”, running from 2021 to 2027.

Post Status: 1-year fixed-term contract (with opportunity for renewal for one or more further years)

Salary: Appointment will be made on the Irish Universities Association Postdoctoral Salary Scale at a point in line with Government Pay Policy and experience [€39,523 to €51,035 per annum].