We are the heart and soul of sustainability,

where humanity and nature connect.

Our Sustainability Strategy

A sustainable world is a diverse, safe, healthy, and just world for all planetary life while living within a thriving environment that is ecologically viable over the long term. The College of the Liberal Arts Sustainability Council has three tenants of focus that help the College achieve this goal.  


We are committed to an integration of sustainability into the educational and career development experience of Liberal Arts students both inside and outside the classroom.


We are supporting, bringing attention to, and advancing sustainability-focused research within the College by bringing in scholars and creating labs with a sustainability focus.


We provide recommendations for how the College can responsibly use natural resources, care for the planet, and work with efforts led by the Sustainability Institute.

Resources that facilitate each of these efforts can be found through our News and Events and on the pages for our faculty, staff, and students

May 11, 2021
2:00 PM
Since the Covid pandemic, wellbeing has become a priority topic in many realms. We have struggled with our physical, psychological and social wellbeing during periods of ‘lockdown’. This has led us to value nature more keenly – our greenspaces and our blue spaces, and to dream of our ideal holidays one day soon. Let us...
May 13, 2021
7:00 PM
An Hour With Franklin Kury, Father of Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment. Former State Senator Franklin Kury will be receiving A UUJustice PA Environmental Justice Outstanding Contribution Award. Franklin Kury, the Father of Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment, will be visiting us to talk about the amendment and his new book. You are invited to join the...
October 25-26, 2021
Families are embedded in larger contexts that have implications for family relationships and well-being. A large body of research by family scholars has documented multiple dimensions of the broader social environment−including cultural, economic, and political contexts−in family functioning. Less attention has been paid to how dimensions of the physical environment may impact families, including factors...

For a full list of events, please visit the News and Events page. University events can be found on the Sustainability Institute’s calendar of events.