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We are the heart and soul of sustainability,

where humanity and nature connect.

Our Sustainability Strategy

A sustainable world is a diverse, safe, healthy, and just world for all planetary life while living within a thriving environment that is ecologically viable over the long term. The College of the Liberal Arts Sustainability Council has three tenets of focus that help the College achieve this goal.  

Resources that facilitate each of these efforts can be found through our Events or Opportunities pages and on the pages for research, education, and involvement

Events and Opportunities

April 18, 2023
4:00PM EST
102 Paterno Library, Foster Auditorium
Dr. Suzanne Simard is a world-renowned ecologist and professor of forest ecology at The University of British Columbia. She came to scientific fame in the 1990s when one of her discoveries made the front cover of the journal Nature. Since then, she has published the bestseller, Finding the Mother Tree, and her TED talk, “How Trees Talk to...

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