About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The Sustainability Council within the College of the Liberal Arts is working towards integrating sustainability in our educational, research, and service pursuits. These integrations:

  1. Facilitate stronger training for our undergraduate and graduate students.

  2. Develop participation and leadership in sustainability scholarship at Penn State and the larger academic community (increasing our contribution to larger efforts to achieve a sustainable world).

  3. Support University efforts to achieve sustainable practices.

Our Values and Principles


Sustainability is the responsibility of all members of our community and is essential to implementing the University’s priorities. The College is committed to advancing the understanding and resolution of sustainability challenges on campus, in our communities, and around the world.


Achieving sustainability is a fundamentally human challenge. The College, with its community of humanists and social scientists, offers a unique and essential perspective on defining, understanding, and attaining our sustainability objectives.


Evidence-based research is at the heart of the pursuit towards sustainability. It supports wide-ranging and interdisciplinary sustainability-related research activities across units of the College, the University, and beyond.


The College prepares all of its students to be responsible citizens and cohabitants of the planet by enhancing their awareness and understanding of sustainability issues within and beyond their fields of study.


Helping to empower the community is key in defining, pursuing, and achieving the individual and collective sustainability objectives of the University.