There are plenty of ways undergraduate students can incorporate sustainability into their degree programs. The College of the Liberal Arts has partnered with colleges across Penn State to develop the courses, programs, and related minor featured here. 

Sustainability-Focused Courses

The College offers a variety of sustainability-focused courses that students can take either as part of their degree, elective or general education requirements. These courses are a great way to incorporate sustainability learning into your degree program. Search our database of courses to find one that fits your unique schedule.

Want a greater specialization in sustainability? The Sustainability Leadership minor has four different tracks that students can take to personalize their minor. The learning goal of the minor is to teach students to promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability in their personal and professional lives.

Study Away and Study Abroad

Looking for something that goes deeper than just a class? The University offers sustainability-focused study away programs along with the sustainability-focused study abroad program. Programs like these are a great way for students to gain hands-on experience in the field, and work well in conjunction with the Sustainability Leadership minor.

City Semester Philadelphia

The City Semester Philadelphia: Urban Social Justice Immersion Program is a unique semester or summer-long, affordable, urban, educational experience for Penn State students.

City Semester Pittsburgh

City Semester Pittsburgh: Urban Sustainability is a program for students of all majors who would like to learn about Pittsburgh’s urban dynamics in sustainability.

Parks and People: South Africa

This program focuses on the interactions between human and natural systems, biodiversity, sustainability, ethics, social justice, gender, and food security in rural and urban environments