Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council is made up of an advisory team and three subcommittees: one for education, research, and operations. These committees are cross-departmental and reach across the entirety of the College of the Liberal Arts.

Our Members

Advisory Committee

  1. Mark Sentesy (Chair,

  2. Ted Toadvine

  3. Lilliard Richardson

  4. Laurel Pearson – Education Subcommittee Lead

  5. Xun Cao – Research Subcommittee Lead

  6. Austin Boyle – Operations Subcommittee Lead

Education Subcommittee
  1. Laurel Pearson (Lead, Lnp123@psu.du)

  2. Sarah Hanneboehl

  3. Brian Onisha

  4. Chris Witko

Research Subcommittee
  1. Xun Cao (Co-Lead,

  2. Marc Henry

  3. Shannon Cruz

  4. Ellen Stroud

  5. Chris Zorn

Operations Subcommittee
  1. Austin Boyle (Lead,

  2. Shannon Brace

  3. Alison Haas

  4. Chris Hort

  5. Leah Osowski

  6. Heather Rutten