Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council is made up of an advisory team and three subcommittees: one for education, research, and operations. These committees are cross-departmental and reach across the entirety of the College of the Liberal Arts.

Our Members

Advisory Committee

  1. Janet Swim (Chair,

  2. Ted Toadvine

  3. Lilliard Richardson

  4. Laurel Pearson – Education Subcommittee Lead

  5. Xun Cao – Research Subcommittee Lead

  6. Austin Boyle – Operations Subcommittee Lead

Education Subcommittee
  1. Laurel Pearson (Lead, Lnp123@psu.du)
  2. Sarah Hanneboehl
  3. Kathryn Salzer
  4. Mark Sentesy
  5. Chris Witko
  6. Anna Peterson
  7. Richard Mbih
Research Subcommittee
  1. Xun Cao (Co-Lead,

  2. Marc Henry

  3. Shannon Cruz

  4. Sabine Doran

Operations Subcommittee
  1. Austin Boyle (Lead,

  2. Shannon Brace

  3. Leah Osowski

  4. Heather Rutten

  5. Christopher Zorn