IEE 2024 Seed Grant Program

IEE 2024 Seed Grant Program

Deadline to Apply: November 29, 2023 by 5pm

The Institute of Energy and the Environment’s Seed Grant Program is intended to foster basic and applied research on strategic interdisciplinary topics that leverage faculty expertise across the University. The Seed Grant Program strives to:

  • Develop new interdisciplinary research teams and position them for high-impact research and substantial external funding success
  • Pursue novel research in IEE’s theme areas, especially high-risk proof of concept projects
  • Promote research development and mentorship between junior and senior faculty

All proposals for the 2024 Seed Grant Program must be submitted through InfoReady:

Proposals are due by November 29, 2023, by 5pm (EST).

Please email with any questions about the program.

Climate Requirement (New)

This year, IEE is requiring that all proposals (1) have a climate-related theme, and (2) address one of IEE’s five research themes.

To address climate and these themes, proposal topics might be on: climate and water, climate and health, climate solutions using renewable energy for avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, or any topic that fits completely within climate and ecosystem change.

In addition to addressing these themes, IEE is also interested in proposals that address climate change solutions based on understanding or motivating changes in social behavior. IEE will be working with the Social Science Research Institute to encourage new collaborations that bring together social and physical scientists or engineers to work together on climate solutions.

Important Dates

November 29, 2023, 5pm (EST)Proposal Submission Deadline
March 2024Funding Decisions Announced
July 2024Grant funds made available and must be expended by June 30, 2025
July 31, 2025Final report due