What is Meatless Monday? And Why You Should Participate

What is Meatless Monday? And Why You Should Participate

Are you interested in exploring a vegetarian or vegan diet? Consider starting your diet change with Meatless Mondays! Even a small reduction of meat in your weekly routine can benefit the environment.

Meatless Monday is a movement that encourages eliminating meat one day a week and eventually shifting towards more plant-based foods. The campaign was started in 2003 by Sid Lerner, who found that Monday is the day people are most open to making positive changes.

Why should you take part in this movement? Research from the World Health Organization’s Global Nutrition Report found that “Dietary changes towards more plant-based diets have been identified as the most efficient way of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the food system.”

With each vegetarian meal you consume, you will save 133 gallons of water, and each Meatless Monday, you will reduce your carbon footprint by eight pounds. Plus, if you successfully participate in Meatless Monday every Monday, that is equivalent to skipping one serving of beef for a year and would save the same amount of emissions as driving 348 miles in a car.

Our Sustainability Council challenges you to participate this February and share your progress with us by tagging on Instagram.

This article references a University of Colorado Boulder article, found here.