Spring Break Sustainability

Spring Break Sustainability

With Spring Break closely approaching, many already have plans for extravagant travels. There are many ways we can be more sustainable while traveling. From simple product switches to transportation adjustments, every person can make more sustainable choices.

Make the switch to reusables rather than single-use products. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle, utensils, straws, and other daily-use items. Another big change to make is to ditch travel sized toilettes. Tourism plastic pollution contributes to about 11 million tons of waste annually. You can easily bring products you already own in reusable containers.

While taking flights may be difficult to avoid all together, choosing to take a non-stop flight is a smarter choice than making layovers. This can help reduce emissions by about 100kg per person.

When exploring a new place, choose to go off the beaten path and avoid tourism hotspots. While doing so, respect local life and natural places. You can support new cultures by shopping at local businesses, taking care of tourist destinations, and choosing to walk rather than using transportation services.

This article references an article from Treehugger.