Spotlight: Tom Hogan

Spotlight: Tom Hogan

At the end of each semester, The Sustainable Communities Collaborative (SCC) showcases curricular projects of classes paired with regional organizations to address real-world community challenges.

Dr. Tom Hogan is heavily involved with the SCC. Many human resource management students have provided valuable insights to local organizations with his guidance.

Program Manager of the SCC, Ilona Ballreich, explained one of Hogan’s past student projects to our sustainability council. Hogan’s pupils assisted the State College Borough’s Human Resources (HR) department in updating employees’ onboarding processes.

Students incorporated United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #10, which encourages reduced inequalities. The HR department’s onboarding procedures were improved to attract a more diverse pool of applicants, thanks to the combined leadership of Hogan, Ballreich, and Penn State liberal arts students.

Hogan’s extensive research interests include Global Leadership Development, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Business Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, and Sustainability. Read more about his work here.