Choose Fair Trade Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Choose Fair Trade Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Fair trade chocolate is made from cacao beans purchased at a fair price from farmers, ensuring they receive equitable compensation. Purchasing fair trade chocolate not only helps to promote sustainability but ensures impartial practices. Fair trade practices establish fair pricing/wages, better working conditions, forbid forced child labor, and increase consumer awareness and community development.

Fair trade chocolate is produced in many countries and areas, but the top producers include Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, and Madagascar. While cacao beans thrive in the equatorial belt, anywhere that can produce cacao can have fair trade certified farms that meet these standards.

It is easy to find fair trade chocolate to purchase this Valentine’s Day. Giant, Wegman’s, Walmart, and other stores in State College all sell fair trade chocolate brands. Tony’s Chocolonely, Lake Champlain, Whitaker’s, and Alter Eco are just a few of many delicious chocolate brands. Visit their websites or look in-store for Valentine’s Day gift sets as well.

This article references the Whitaker’s and Lake Champlain websites.