Michelle Sikes

Michelle Sikes

Arts and Humanities| Social Sciences
Assistant Professor
• Kinesiology
• African Studies
• History
Michelle Sikes

Research Description

Michelle Sikes is an assistant professor of kinesiology, African studies, and history as well as an executive committee member of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society. She is a Rock Ethics Institute Faculty Fellow for 2023-2024.
Her research focuses on the history, ethics, and politics of sport in Africa. She is the author of Kenya's Running Women: A History (2023) and co-editor of several volumes on African and sports history, including Sport and Apartheid South Africa: Histories of Politics, Power, and Protest (2022), The Politics of Historical Memory and Commemoration in Africa (2022), and Women’s Sport in Africa (2015).

Teaching Description

At Penn State, she teaches courses on African history, sport ethics, and sport history.

Arts and Humanities| Social Sciences


Sport Tourism
Conservation in Africa