WMNST 536: Gender and Science

WMNST 536: Gender and Science


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Studies the foundations of feminist science studies as applied to biocultural practices of gender, biology, and reproductive technologies. WMNST 536 Gender and Science (3) This course explores the productive intersection between gender and science. Students will learn to examine scientific culture, technological developments, and popular narratives of science through the concepts and methodologies of feminist science studies. A portion of the course will be devoted to the foundations of science studies, including critical examinations of the production of scientific knowledge and methodologies for examining science as culture. Students will use concepts from feminist science studies to resituate the possibilities of objectivity, materiality, and practice for science. Students will also consider the implications of scientific institutions, practices, and technologies for sex and gender. The course will take up both historical and contemporary technoscientific practices as case studies, including biotechnologies, reproductive technologies, bioart, animal husbandry and reproduction, eugenics, and risk assessment, management and mitigation.


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