SOC 83: First Year Seminar

SOC 83: First Year Seminar


Melissa Hardy

Days Taught:


Time Offered:

10:35AM - 11:50AM

This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. Each section or offering of this course will be limited to 20 students who will be instructed by an experienced faculty member. Each section will focus on a well-defined body of scholarship that addresses a relatively specific topic while at the same time provide an opportunity for surveying broadly existing knowledge in the discipline. The specific content of the course will vary from offering to offering, and depending on the interests of the instructor, will introduce students to a sociological perspective on particular social issues. For example, one section examines racism and sexism as axes of privilege and oppression. Other sections may deal with major social institutions, such as the family or religion, or with fundamental social processes (e.g., demographic, social, and psychological). Finally, some sections may have a heavier policy emphasis--examining responses to social issues--while others might take a comparative or international approach. Each section will emphasize the development of discussion, writing, and analytical skills and will give students the opportunity to work individually and in small groups. Students can expect to receive a general introduction to the University as an academic community and to explore their responsibilities as members of that community. They will also become familiar with the learning tools and resources available to them, and they will be able to establish relationships with faculty and other students who share their academic interests. This course fulfills a general education or Bachelor of Arts requirement in the social/behavioral sciences.


Social Sciences