LHR 160N: The Virtual Transformational Leadership Development Experience

LHR 160N: The Virtual Transformational Leadership Development Experience


Tommy Hogan

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Fall 2024

The Virtual Transformational Leadership Development (VTLD) Experience is designed to help develop the next generation of leaders to serve as agents of change in pursuit of a more civil, equitable, and just workplace, society, and world. A guiding principle of The VTLD Experience is that diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice, equity is an action, and belonging is an outcome. It leverages technology, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, interactive arts and and employs high impact teaching practices including micro-lessons, rapid learning, reflective exercises, online discussions, meditation and mindfulness practices, an online journal, and synchronous individual transformational leadership development coaching sessions conducted via Zoom. Students enroll in the VTLD Experience from the University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses and have an opportunity to engage with artists curated by the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State. This involves viewing performances from a distance and digital programming. Fundamentally, the course is an anti-racist, anti-oppression leadership development experience and aligns with the following foundations and thematic priorities of the university's 2016 - 2025 strategic plan: Foundations - Engaging Our Students - Advancing Inclusion, Equity and Diversity - Enabling a Sustainable Future Thematic Priorities - Transforming Education - Empowering Through Digital Innovation - Advancing the Arts and Humanities - Stewarding our Planet's Resources.


Social and Behavioral Sciences