HIST 173: Vietnam in War and Peace

HIST 173: Vietnam in War and Peace


David Longenbach; Philip Nash; Stephen Cimbala

Days Taught:

MoWeFr (1:25pm-2:15pm); TuTh (4:35pm-5:50pm); Mo (6:00pm-9:00pm)

Time Offered:

Semester Offered:

Spring 2024

This course examines the long history and culture of Vietnam with a focus on Vietnam's anti-colonial and independence movements of the 20th century. Among the topics covered are Vietnam under French colonial rule, the rise of nationalism and communism, Vietnam during WWII, and the multi-decade struggle for independence in the fifties, sixties and culminating in the departure of American forces in 1973. Vietnam's recent economic rise and emergence as a commercial power is also covered. It offers a basic knowledge of the cultural, political, economic, artistic and historical background of this vital region of the world.


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