BRS 392: Leadership Skills for BRS/BE Students

BRS 392: Leadership Skills for BRS/BE Students


Christine Costello

Days Taught:

Tu OR We

Time Offered:

3:35pm - 5:30pm

Semester Offered:

Spring 2024

B E/BRS 392 is one part of a two-semester experience indiscipline-specific communication and leadership skills training. A key facet of this training is the contextual approach. To meet the needs of BE and BRS students, the course emphasizes leadership skills that are critical for their professional development, appreciating the technical content of students' work and of the industries within which the students will ultimately work. The primary focus for BE/BRS 392 is leadership skills, supported by training in communication, ethical decision-making, and management. Students will be evaluated through various methods, such as writing and speaking projects, professional presentations, written homework and worksheets in class and out, creation of portfolios and reports, and in-class group and individual exercises. BE/BRS 392 provides a foundation in General Education, Writing and Speaking (GWS) for students in the Biological Engineering (BE) and BioRenewable Systems (BRS) majors.

This course is cross-listed with BE 392.


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