BISC 3: Environmental Science

BISC 3: Environmental Science


Jennifer Anderson, Bradley Ross, Carsten Sanders, Luciana Caporaletti, Autumn Sabo, Theresa Black

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8 sections offered

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Fall 2024

We are living in extraordinary times. Our numbers have now become so large, our power so great, and our consumption so rampant that we are despoiling our home. Indeed, over the past half-century environmental scientists have been calling attention to the deterioration of Earth's atmosphere, Earth's oceans, Earth's forests and Earth's soils, along with the loss of Earth's biodiversity, from the tropics to the poles. The evidence is unequivocal: Planet Earth is under duress.
Though we need Earth for our survival, Earth does not need us! So, will Earth shake us into oblivion or will we wake up, before it is too late, and become respectful members of Earth's community of life? This is a critical question for humankind as a whole; and it is the reason that BISC 3 exists at Penn State. So it is that, in this course, we will explore the root causes of today's environmental crisis and, in so doing, consider scientific, technological, sociological, psychological and personal responses to what is, arguable, the most significant crisis in the history of our species.
If you commit to fully engaging with this course, you can expect to: 1-Discover how questions can be powerful catalysts for learning; 2-Grow in your ability to see both yourself and Planet Earth from new and liberating perspectives; 3-Appreciate the power of critical thinking and personal reflection as a means to both personal and global transformation 4-Realize that you, should you choose, can play a significant role in the healing of our world.


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