AFR 205: Development and Sustainability in Africa

AFR 205: Development and Sustainability in Africa


Abderrahim Ouarghidi

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Fall 2024

AFR 205 Development and Sustainability in Africa introduces the development and sustainability strategies and theories in Africa, with a focus on how. This course will trace the history of change across the continent and critique the narratives about development in Africa, relative to colonial legacies and African peoples¿ hopes for autonomy. We will cover the concepts of development and sustainability at different scales, from local to international. Students will become familiar with Theories of Development and how they have impacted social, political and economic pathways in Africa. Students will be exposed to an array of development strategies (including agriculture, resource extraction, education and health) and will be asked to interrogate and critically analyze examples of development and sustainability policies and projects: those that have ¿worked¿ and those that have not. Students will learn to assess which future pathways are sustainable and ethically sound. Finally, the course will provide students with the opportunity to practice some participatory development methods used to build consensus and make decisions with communities.


Arts and Humanities