There are many ways for students to become involved in both Penn State’s sustainability initiatives and sustainability initiatives across the College community.

Awaken State

Awaken State is a multi-generational collective, seeking to help Penn State respond to the climate emergency.  Penn State will be a leader when it exceeds actions called for by the best science.

Student Farms

The Student Farms links classroom education with experiential learning, research, and community outreach. The Farm allows for conversation about many issues, including food security.

Eco Reps

The Eco Reps are the student educators for sustainability at University Park. We educate first-year students and teach sustainability and eco-friendly practices from the beginning.

Eco Action

Eco Action strives to educate themselves and others about current environmental issues. With this knowledge, they organize meaningful action to generate environmental change in the community.

Climate Action

PSU Climate Action is a group of dedicated and passionate Penn State students who come together to create plans for a better future using education and direct impact.


Penn State’s Carbon Negative (PSU CaN) initiative is very actively working to identify and develop practices to enable a University goal of becoming carbon negative.

Council of Sustainable Leaders

The Council of Sustainable Leaders (CSL) is the student affiliate organization of the Penn State Sustainability Institute. They facilitate collaborative efforts between student leaders in sustainability to further sustainability initiatives

Student Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Penn State Student Sustainability Advisory Council is comprised of students with interest in advancing and promoting sustainability and who are committed to helping advance Penn State’s goals for sustainability.