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The Penn State College of the Liberal Arts encourages all staff to engage in sustainable practices. Staff members are essential for advancing sustainable practices in the College of Liberal Arts. Staff members are often in charge and most aware of the resources that are used within the College of Liberal Arts. They can provide information that helps others use resources more responsibly now and in the future. There are many organizations staff members can join to learn more about sustainability or increase their environmental awareness. 

Staff Sustainability Awards

This award provides recognition to staff in the College of the Liberal Arts whose commitment to sustainability is exceptional and best exemplifies professionalism and dedication to the sustainability mission of the College and the University. Awardees are individual staff members, or a team of staff members, with an exceptional commitment to sustainability in their daily activities or through an initiative that has enhanced sustainability in the College of the Liberal Arts.

Staff Sustainability Spotlight

Kelly Confer
Administrative Operations Manager

Kelly is leading the initiative to pilot a program to reduce the number of individual printers and copiers in use throughout the Moore Building and move towards a Multi-Function Device Program. This initiative will significantly reduce direct equipment and associated supply costs (including paper and ink cartridges), reduce electricity usage, and provide better quality printing, copying, and imaging for faculty, staff, and students. Kelly has been instrumental in this pilot project, putting many hours into the planning, education rollout plans, and staff support needs to implement this initiative. Many thanks to Kelly for her hard work on this project!

Kelly Confer

Our Past Winners

2020 – Chris Hort, Office of the Dean

2019 – Ned Balzer, ITLA

2018 – Allison Haas, Political Science

2017 – Jessica Fatica, Human Resources