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“Lost Bird Project” and “Why Biodiversity Matters”

“Lost Bird Project” and “Why Biodiversity Matters”

through Jan. 26, 2022
Exhibited at Various locations: Hub-Robeson Galleries, Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, The Arboretum at Penn State, HUB Robeson Center, and Penn State Altoona.

“Why Biodiversity Matters” includes avian research and educational materials from Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center and Penn State’s Wildlife and Fisheries program. This exhibition coincides with the center’s hosting of the “Lost Bird Project,” consisting of five sculptural monuments to extinct bird species.

Conceived by artist Todd McGrain, the “Lost Bird Project” recognizes the tragedy of modern extinction by immortalizing the five most recently extinct North American birds: the Carolina Parakeet, Heath Hen, Great Auk, Labrador Duck and Passenger Pigeon. According to McGrain, these statues serve not only as dramatic reminders of the biodiversity lost due to human activity, but of our duty to prevent further extinction. The “Lost Bird Project ” sculptures will visit Central Pennsylvania from fall 2021 to summer 2022.

Over the next year, the Lost Bird Project will include a series of educational opportunities, including lectures, exhibits, and awards for student art, essays, films, blogs, and websites.