Faculty Involvement

Faculty Involvement

There are many ways for faculty members to become involved in both Penn State’s sustainability initiatives and the sustainability initiatives across the College community.

Sustainability Institute

The Sustainability Institute has expertise in several areas, including student and staff engagement, curriculum development, student-community projects, operations, research, and more.

Clearwater Conservancy

Clearwater Conservancy is to conserve and restore our natural resources through land conservation, water resources stewardship, and environmental outreach across central Pennsylvania.

Green Teams

Green Teams are groups of faculty, staff, and students volunteering to take specific actions to help their organization (college, building, etc.) operate in a more efficient, innovative, and healthy way.

Green Paws

The Green Paws Certification Program is a simple, effective way for faculty and staff to learn how to use resources efficiently in the office and earn the Green Paws Office Certification showcasing what they have learned.